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# 1 - Magic Steps by Tamora Pierce

Title: Magic Steps

Author: Tamora Pierce

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 264

Summary: It was fantastic to be drawn back into this wonderful world of Tamora Pierce. This whole Circle series I have read out of order as I was first unaware when I picked up The Will of the Empress that there was in fact 8 books before that. I then managed to get my hands open on the first quartet, and finally the second.
I read this, keeping in mind that it was aimed at a younger audience than myself. Tamora Pierce has such a way of captivating the reader, and I really love the world she has created. I confess, I was a bit sad to see the other three protagonists non-existent in this book, but am comforted to know they each get their own, so I look forward to reading it.
I was happy with this book, and I wanted it to go longer. It was such a nice read for the young adults this was aimed at. I eagerly await to read the next 3.

Rating: 4/5